Thankgiving Printable Hand print FREEBIE

If your 5 year old is anything like mine Ace they LOVE to create, paint, color, write and glue things. One of Ace's favourite things to create is art using his hand print. This year we made this adorable turkey hand print art to add to our Thanksgiving decor. 

To make this hand print art simply download the FREE printable PDF here and print 2 of the printable per art piece you want to make. Then choose your paint, we usually use craft paint from the dollar store. Depending on the age of your child have them paint their hands (this is Ace's favourite part) and have them press their hands so their palms are on the body or head of the turkey. Repeat this as many times as they want till the turkey looks like it has a full back of feathers.

Once the painting part is over on the second printable cut out just the turkey and glue him over the one that has paint all over him and there you have a adorable thanksgiving hand print art! ENJOY!

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