Keeping kids safe


One of my biggest fears is one of my kids getting lost when we are out. My oldest knows our contact info and he knows not to talk to strangers but my younger two are too young still to remember our cell numbers. So what happens if they wander off and get lost? I looked all over the internet to find something about kids safety for kids too young to be able to memorize a phone number but couldn't find much.

So we have taught them to look for a police officer or security guard or a mommy with little kids. Those are the safe adults and to scream their heads off if another adult approaches them until one of the safe adults comes over to them. But then what? How do they tell the safe adult our phone number? They can't.

So I made some ID tags for them and we taught them to show their tag to a safe adult. In the winter its on the inside of their jacket, hidden from the public eye so unsafe adults can't use it to their advantage. In the summer or when we are at an indoor event its attached to their belt buckle. My youngest is 2 and she knows where her tag is located on her and who its ok to show it to.


• First download the free ID tag printable and fill it in with your child's name and your contact info. You will need to have Adobe Reader to open this PDF and edit it. Once you have edited it print it out and cut them out.


• Get some Keychain ID tags from the dollar/hardware store. If you can't find them at the dollar/hardware store they sell these exact ones on Amazon To buy 8-Tag Multi-Colored Keychain ID tags CLICK HERE

• Put the ID tag labels into the ID key chain and  attach them to your child's coat.

I keep about 2 for each child in my purse so that I can attach and unattached them to their belt loops as I need them. They are small and fit inside the pocket of my kids jeans so they are not visible unless my child shows them to an adult.

For those of you with little girls who live in jeggins like my daughter does most of the time then there really is nowhere to attach this tag when your daughter is not wearing a coat. On those days I have a phone number bracelet on my daughter.

I keep her safety bracelet in my purse as well. She knows if she is not wearing her safety ID tag then she is wearing her phone number bracelet and to show that to a safe adult. So far we have never had to use either the tag or the bracelet in a real situation thank goodness, but we have had practices of what to do so that it does not come to a shock to them if it does happen.

This phone number bracelet was made by my oldest son. He has his own ETSY SHOP HERE