Little Miss - 3 Months old

Time with little miss is flying by so fast! I am enjoying every minute as I know she is my last little one.
3 months already and she is such a super happy smiley baby!
I really wish I had of done this for the boys.
I know in the end they won't care but as a mom I wish I had. 

In honor of her first 3 months I have posted a new FREEBIE on the FREEBIE page for printable monthly milestone stickers! The design is a cute little turtle design for boys this time and sometime in the near future I will post one for girls :) To download this FREEBIE please follow this link

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Pumpkin Carving with creative kids!

 When you have a creative child who loves to let his creativity run wild you have to give up the notion that those awesome master carved pumpkins you use to make when he was a baby and before you had kids will happen. This was especially hard for me do cause I loved spending time finding a new design to carve and then spending the time actually bringing that design to life on a pumpkin.
 Kids don't care if its perfect, kids don't care if it is some fancy design of a famous TV or movie character. They just want to make a silly face on a giant vegetable. Ace loves carving pumpkins for that reason. He loves to gut the pumpkins with us and get right in all the pumpkin slim!
 Once Ace has helped us gut them, we let him draw what ever face or design he wants on each pumpkin and we cut the faces he has drawn and bring to life his vision of silly pumpkin faces.
One of our family traditions since Ace was little is to go to his favorite store (Dollarama) and grab a bag of those ping pong eye balls for his pumpkin. He loves those ping pong eyeballs and has to make one pumpkin every year with ping pong eyeballs. Sometimes he colors them and even has glue googley eyes on some.
Our pumpkins are not award winning or neighborhood jaw dropping but they make this creative kid proud to show off his work, build his confidence and giving them that creative freedom which is what its all about!


Entertaining the wild one

    Most days are whirl wind of craziness when Terror is home. He has not adjusted well to the new baby and wants to be up in mommies arms for 'huggies' any time the baby is near, awake and needs to be fed. Which as much as I would love to hug him all day its not possible when you have a newborn around who needs you. One of my go to activities that keeps him busy for at least 45 minutes is giving his toys a 'bath'. I line up all his and his brothers cars, all action figures and basically any toy that can go in the water, fill one side of the sink with major bubbles and a little water, the other side with just water, pull a chair up to the sink and let him 'wash' his toys.

I usually put down a towel on the floor as well under the chair and a towel across the front of the sink to try and help catch a bit of the water he splashes everywhere. This is one of our favorite activities in the winter. Its also a go to activity when his big brother Ace is outside in the back having so much fun with his friends and Terror has to stay inside which always causes a tantrum. So we break out the toy 'bath'!
   Its also a great way to clean a lot of your toys and remove germs. Everyone gets 'washed' and then put on a towel on the counter to dry. Even Mater gets a bath!