No Mess Camping Smores!

Our family lives to camp. We would camp all summer if we could. One of our family's favorite foods while camping is s'mores, but the mess little ones makes while eating s'mores is not my favorite thing to clean up. The marshmallows hardens making the mess impossible. So we came up with a way to enjoy them and make them less messy. Here's what you need.

• Disposable Grilling Tray or an old cookie sheet.
(I forgot our camping cookie sheet at home so we got tray at the park store)
• Tin Foil
• Marshmallows
• Milk chocolate chips or a Hersey bar
• Waffle Ice cream cones or Bowls

On this night we had the waffle bowls. First put two layers of tin foil over the Grilling tray
or cookie sheet and then place the waffle bowls on top.

Then you can get the kids to start putting in marshmallows and chocolate chips and fill them up as much as you want. We learned after making these bowls for the first time you want to put the marshmallows on the bottom or the chocolates burns a little. Once they have added all the marshmallows and chocolate the want break up the left over bowls and add them to the bowls.

Then place the tray over the fire preferably over the hot coals and not the flames. We let ours sit for about 10 minutes before they were all melted. You want to check the bottom of the waffle bowls though a few times to make sure they are not getting burnt and move the tray if needed if they are.
Once they are melted and have cooled a bit, give the kids fork to eat them. I showed my kids how to eat what was in the bowl first and then to eat the bowl last. If you want to use the Waffle Ice Cream cones, just fill the ice cream cone with marshmallows and chocolate chips and then wrap them in tin foil and place them on the tray over the coals. Both are WAY less messy then the original way and they are just as tasty! Enjoy!

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