Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Debi, a 30-something year old wife, mother to 3 little ones, with a hard working husband and an amazing, supportive, one of a kind mother. Before you get attached to this blog there are a few things you should know. I am a mother with ADHD. Life is chaos enough trying to live in a world that wants you to think inside the box but you can only think outside the box with an explosion of random messy thoughts. Add being a mother to non ADHD children, who sometimes can't understand the madness to mommy's methods and it quickly become overwhelming and sheer madness. So if your looking for a well thought out organized blog this is probably not the blog for you. My thoughts, posts and ideas will be thrown all over the place in no organized fashion. Oh and lots of spelling mistakes, with ADHD comes bad grammar . . . . really bad grammer. But if your looking for a fun blog that explodes creativity and pokes fun at the chaos it is to raise three kids when you have ADHD all rolled into one then stick around! 

I started this blog to help me have a place to let my creativity out to play and to have a place to post about the chaos that is life with 3 kids. It's a place I can share about my family, crafting, party printables, photography, being an Etsy shop owner, living in Ontario Canada and anything else I find interesting!

Speaking of kids here are my adorable little ones! For privacy sake I have given them nick names that I will refer to them as on this blog.

A little bit about my little ones . . .

ACE - He is 7 years old and in Grade 2. He has a never ending energy supply, always creating, running and talking. He has a great social life with a neighborhood full of kids to play with outside that are his age and in his class. His social life is the most important thing in his life and prefers to be outside running around with friends more than anything in the world. He is full of spunk, is caring, sweet, inquisitive, curious about everything and loves to try new things. He is in Beavers and loves it. He was my angel baby, slept threw the night by 10 weeks old and did everything at the age the "book" said baby do things.

TERROR - He is 4 years old and like his name suggests he is a terror, very adorable but can make life a living terror. He loves people, will flirt with anyone, loves playing with lego, he likes to build with blocks and then destroys what he built, not really the outdoors type, loves being a ham and making people around him laugh, and REALLY enjoys beating up his bigger brother ACE. He is a daddy's boy 100%. Even though he is 4 he has not grown out of the terrible 2 stage of life yet. He loves to banshee screams at the top of his lungs when he doesn't get his way. He is my colicky baby who never stopped crying for 8 months straight. We are still trying to find a way to cope with the non stop screaming that he brings into our life, but we love him dearly and would not trade him for anything in the world.

LITTLE MISS - She is 2 1/2 years old. She LOVES having big brothers and teasing them non stop. She loves to be a girly girl, do ballet, sing princess songs but also love to play hockey with her brothers. She can be quite sassy and is a big ham like her older brothers. She is our surprise baby. We suffered second child infertility while trying to conceive TERROR so we were not expecting to get pregnant again ever let alone so soon after TERROR was born. We are so happy she is here and part of our family.

Now that I have given you a bit of back history about my little ones what can I tell you about me? 

I am not a morning person, getting up to 3 kids every morning I feel like a zombie. Until about 11 am when my mind really wakes up. I am and have always been a night owl. I love fonts and love a well designed menu (best menu ever Boston Pizza's new red hard cover bound menu (weird I know!)) I love Tim Hortons coffee, prefer to watch a good movie over random TV, love being in a small town with so much nature around right out my front door, enjoy volunteering at Ace's school, love clothes but my wardrobe is shameful and needs a drastic update, love to find the "just right gift" for the people in my life, love hanging out with my mother who live directly across the street (yes just like the Barones on Everybody loves Raymond), my Mother is my rock with out her I would be lost and I have a hard working, goofy husband who always has several DIY project on the go!

When I am not mothering my kids I run 2 at home businesses. One is I am a photographer, mainly for newborns and cake smashes. You can view my photography work here. The other is I have 3 Etsy shops, all under the name SugarPickle. One is a design shop, another is a template shop for other photographers and the last is a party printable shop for kids birthday parties.

Not sure where this blog will go but I am excited to find out! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and my family!


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