Our North Pole Breakfast with Evie the elf!

     This year Evie the elf decided she wanted to arrive in style since Ace was so anxious for her return! So Evie threw the kids a North Pole Breakfast which turn into North Pole Chaos! Unfortunately I had to help Evie set up since well she is just felt and stuffing. This posed a bit of a problem as how do I design, print and get all these things ready while the kids are in the house and one of them is up at every night. Then once it is all ready where do I put it so they don't see it? That's when I decided this year Evie the elf was going to arrive at our Mimi's (grandma's) house. Good thing Mimi lives right next door!
       So I started designing our North Pole Breakfast! I wanted to make sure there was tons of cute things they had not seen before to make it feel magical and special. I absolutely love the way it turned out!!

      I set everything up the night before including the north pole pajama's Evie the elf always brings for the kids the first night she arrives! A while back I posted that I was on the hunt for this years north pole holiday pajamas and I decided on the striped ones from Hatley!

      They are adorable, so comfy and the kids beg to wear them every night  all December . . . which means extra laundry for me every night but oh well its all part of the magic!

We had a very fun festive breakfast with candy cane pancakes with LOTS of syrup and whip cream, elf cookies, red velvet cupcakes and candy cane marshmellow sticks!

The kids loved it!! They manly ate the marshmellows and candy canes for breakfast! Cause of course what other day in your life can you get away with eating candy canes for breakfast!! We ate sweets, drank hot chocolate and read the letter Evie brought from Santa all together!
Soon breakfast went spiraling into a crazy straw sword fight, wrestling all over Mimi's house, using daddy as a human slide, the couch as a trampoline and lastly they set up the kitchen chairs in rows and pretended to be elves driving Santa's sleigh. We only had a few melt downs from terror and they were mainly that his elf hat fell off. They LOVED the elf hats and have worn them every day.
     It was a day of fun, laughter and joy I will never forget. I only hope with the pictures and video we took of them they don't forget it either. Little days like this make me remember the magic I felt at Christmas time when I was a kid! I know from now on the North Pole Breakfast will be a tradition in our house to welcome our elf Evie back year after year!! Let the holiday season begin!!

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  1. Hi Debi,
    your kids look adorable in their holiday PJs :)
    I love the banner and those cute containers! Great job!

  2. Debi, you're awesome! I really love the creativity here. Your kids are so lucky! This is such a magical idea. :)

  3. How fortunate you are to have Mimi live right next door! And I am SOOOO loving the matching pajamas. Super cute. This looks like the best breakfast ever.

    Are you on bloglovin? I'd love to follow you there. I'm visiting from Blogging Buddies and on my way to go become a new facebook fan now!


  4. Your setup looks awesome. That definitely looks like a lot work was involved also your kids look so cute in their PJs.

  5. Your little elves are just adorable! Love the pictures!