DIY wooden baby age blocks

I love making these for family and friends - check out my adorable little nephew below using his baby age blocks! I received a set of baby age blocks when little miss was born and since then I have been obsessed with them. They are so cute as baby photo props or just as nursery decor.

So far there are 2 different designs you can purchase in my shop to make your own. More designs will be added in the spring of 2017! Let get started!

• 4 - 2inch cubes (You can get them at Michaels or on Amazon HERE)
• Large paint brush
• Cutting board or scissors (I LOVE my Fiskars Cutting Boardand highly recommend getting one!)
• Paint or stain
• Baby age blocks design you want to make 
To purchase a design please visit my shop here ----> BABY AGE BLOCKS PRINTABLE DESIGNS

Please note the instructions below are to make the monthly baby age blocks but the designs have additional graphics so you can make ones for the first day of life, first few days, weeks, months, years, and school grades. You will need 10 wooden blocks to make the complete set if you want all the extras.

Once you have purchased the design you want send the JPEG files to print at any photo lab like you would any other photograph. The JPEGs are 8x12 in size and I recommend printing them on the MATTE finish not the glossy. Once you have had the JPEGs printed, cut out all the squares and rectangles.

Gather your wooden blocks and take two of them and super glue them together like the picture below.
This will create your rectangle need for the base of your milestone blocks. Let them dry for at least an hour.

Depending on which design you choose you will either want to paint or stain the age blocks. For the Lumberjack design baby age blocks I stained the blocks a dark stain I had in the garage. Since these are not toys, but decorations and photo props do not let your baby play with them if you choose to stain or paint the wooden blocks. For the Blue, Green and Yellow baby boy design I painted the wooden blocks with just white craft paint. You can leave the blocks unfinished but I prefer to paint or stain them.

Take one of the single blocks and start Mod Podging the numbers on. You want to make sure that on each block there is a number 0 and a number 1 and then the rest of the numbers can be spread between both of the single blocks. To see how to mod podge the design squares onto the wooden block if you have not done this type pf craft before please visit my post DIY PHOTO ORNAMENT CUBES ( *** NOTE - If you plan to make these into pregnancy weeks blocks then you will have to print out 2 of the JPEG designs and make an additional single block with another a 3 on it. Which would also be a good time to add on that block the grades K, TK, ST, RD, TH (for 1st, 2nd grade etc) ***) 

Once you have Mod Podged on all the numbers onto the single cubes its time to work on the bottom rectangle. For the Baby age blocks you would put the design rectangles on which are - Week, Weeks, Month and Months. But you can glue together another 2 wooden blocks and finish them with stain or paint and put the design rectangles that say - Just Born, Day, Days and Hours too.

Then the blank square designs are for the ends of the rectangles to give it that finished look! Then your done! 

Here is the complete look of the Lumberjack Design Baby Milestone age Blocks. 

and the Blue, Green and Yellow Baby Boy design. 

Such a fun and personalized gift for any new mom! Remember to check our shop in the spring for several new designs to make your own baby age blocks!

To check out more of my printable design visit my shop ----> SugarPickle Designs

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