Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

In our house my kids are either BFFs or they are fighting about everything. Certain days like holidays and such I really don't enjoy playing referee. So I try and come up with ways to set my kids up to succeed and get along. From the beginning after our second child Terror came along Easter was one of those days where all the kids did was fight about who had more eggs and who stole each others eggs etc. Of course the oldest Ace would get the most and Terror would scream and cry cause he was not as fast as Ace. When little Miss arrived and there was three of them fighting over Easter eggs I knew I had to change the dynamics of the day to make it enjoyable, instead of a screaming, crying day. So for the last two years I have color coded the eggs in the house. I put the jelly beans or chocolate eggs into those plastic color eggs from the dollar store and then hid those around the house.

Everyone gets the same amount of eggs to find and they can find their eggs at their own pace with out the worry someone is going to steal their eggs and ruin their fun. Less fights everyone is happy its a win win for me. Even though Little Miss does not know her colors very well yet Terror and Ace will let her know if she touching on of their eggs and because the "Easter Bunny" set the rules they all seem to comply with grace instead of screaming about it. After Easter is over we leave the plastic eggs out on the porch for the Easter bunny to pick up for next year. (really I pack them away in the garage)

To purchase this printable for your own kids following this link ---> Easter Egg Hunt Printable