Seed Bombs for the End of year class party!

This year for the end of the year class party we made seed bombs. Ace wanted to earn one of the earth rangers badges so we thought up this project. Not only was it fun to make but we knew we would be providing more wild flowers for the bees in our area. I am pretty sure Ace enjoyed it only because he got to make mud balls in the kitchen.

What you need to make Seed Bombs

• Crayola Air dry clay
• Newspaper
• Water
• Soil
• Native perennial wild flowers seeds

Before you start you will want to research which native perennial flowers are best in your area. Something that is a high in pollen but that already grows locally in your area.  For North America some of the best ones are Shasta Daisy, Lavender, Purple Coneflower, Poppy and Butterfly Weed. For our seed bombs we used Shasta Daisy, Lavender and Poppy seeds.

First get out an old mixing bowl, pail or container. Mix in 1 cup of water, a golf ball size of the air drying clay and slowly add in one finely shredded newspaper sheet. The idea is to make a sort of thin "glue" similar to paper mache. Mix this all together until the air drying clay is dissolved.

Then add in about 4 cups of soil. Other recipes call for compost or other such things but we just used left over potting soil I had in the garage. Mix all that together and it should be like mud dough consistency.

Once you have done this you can either divide the mud dough into three equal pieces and put in separate containers or you can make this recipe over again for every type of seed your using depending on how many you plan to make. You want to make sure that each seed bomb only has one type of seed in it to help it thrive and survive. If you plan on making this over again or you have three separate containers its now time to add the seeds! We choose to divide the mud dough into three separate containers.

 Then add in your seeds and mix it around. We added 3 packets of seeds to our mud dough. Then you can start rolling out your mud dough into little balls!

This was Ace's favorite part as you can tell. We made ours the size of a meat ball but you can make them any size you want.

 Once you have made all your mud balls you need to leave them for 24 to 36 hours to dry. They should dry like hard balls that do not crumble apart. Then add how ever you want to a cello bag and add in your double sided printable with instructions on where and how to print and you done! I unique awesome looking year end class gift that also benefits the environment.

We planted some of our seed bombs at the beginning of June, most had bloomed and grown into flowers by late summer. We had a great bee garden this year and hope they all come back again next year!

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