Oh how we LOVE cloud dough!

For the longest time Terror has had a pretty routine life as with a newborn and a 18 month old you don't have much time to think of ways to entertain the toddler. So he spent most of his time at day care this last year once Little Miss was born but now that she is over a year and has a pretty steady nap time I am constantly trying to think of things to entertain him that he would enjoy. I came across the wonder that is CLOUD DOUGH or I have heard it also called MUSEUM SAND. Terror being a tactile sensitive child I was not sure how well this was going to go over, but much to my surprise he loves it. I suggest if you have a tactile sensitive child you let them watch you make the cloud dough and then put it on the table in a container with a few of their favorite toys and then walk away. Making it no pressure if they want to try or not.
If you have not tired cloud dough yet with your little one I suggest you do! Although if they are still the type of child that puts everything in their mouth I suggest waiting until they are old enough to understand not to do that.
It is so simple to make and last a long time if you keep it clean. (We wash our hands before playing each time and if he has a cold its off limits) Since Terror likes it so much he will spend at least a solid hour playing with it quietly at the table giving me a solid hour to clean and work while Little Miss is sleeping.
I have seen quite a few cloud dough recipes online and all of them make a TON of it, too much at once for us anyways. So I have modified it to fit our sensory bin size. Here is our cloud dough recipe.

• 4 cups of all purpose flour
• 1/2 cup baby oil

That's it! Just place the flour in a large mixing bowl, then add the 1/2 of baby oil and using a whisk mash the flour and baby oil until completely mixed. Then get your hands in there and mix it some more! Then add some toys. Terror likes construction trucks, army men and mini shovels but you can add any toys you want! Enjoy!

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