A little reminder . . .

One of the hardest things I have found to do since little miss was born is to remind myself that Ace went from being a 3 and half year old only child to a 5 year old big brother with 2 younger siblings.

He got the best from both of us during the first 3 and half years of his life, mommy groups, play dates with friends, one and one time, a bedtime story every night and always having mommy and daddy's attention.

Lately I find he begs for even a minute of my time. He acts out uncontrollably just to get a second of my time even if it is me sending him to a time out. With one toddler brother who screams non stop and hasn't stopped screaming since he was born and another new sister its a lot Ace has had to adjust to in the last 18 months. His behavior is terrible lately, doing such random things that you know he knows better then to do them.

There are many nights I go to bed feeling such guilt about the way the day went. I know once little miss gets a bit older that things will be better and that I just need to survive this time and maybe give him a few extra random hugs a day.

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