Rainbow Loom Printable Organizer

I designed something new in the shop a few weeks ago for all the Rainbowloom crafters out there. The idea for this came from my Husbands little cousin out west who a year ago when we went to visit was drawing on a piece of paper out little boxes marked A or B or C in each of the boxes. Then she had 3 or 4 different piles of sorted colors and she put one color pile in box A and another in box B and so on. When I asked her why she was doing this she said to keep her color bands organized so she didn't screw up the pattern of colors in the bracelet she was making. For the whole week we were visiting every time she started making something with her Rainbow loom she would go through this process again of drawing out the boxes and writing out the letters. At that point I thought I should design something so she didn't have to do this each time, put it in my to do list and forgot about it for a while.

Then a few months ago our 6 year old Ace started getting interested in Rainbowloom and asked for a Rainbow loom for Christmas. So we got him one and all of a sudden these boxes on paper with A or B or C started to appear again but made by him this time.
So I asked Ace if I could make something that he could use over and over again instead of wasting paper each time he wanted to make a ring or bracelet to organize his rainbow loom elastic bands colors would he like that. Ace replied "yes as long as you make it for boys" So I designed a double sided band organizer for the rainbow loom bands to keep the colors organized when working on patterns and tutorials! Here is the design I made for Ace.

Now Ace can choose as many colors patterns and easily place them on the Rainbow Loom in the correct order using his own personalized band organizer! This picture shows both sides but what I did after I ended up printing him one was putting them back to back and laminating it so that it would last a long time even through his wear and tear.

Each design in the shop can be personalized easily in Adobe Reader by you int he comfort of your own home instantly! Once you purchase and download, you open it in Adobe Reader and type in your child's name in the highlight text field save the file and print! Here are some of the other Rainbow loom organizer designs in the shop available. Happy looming!!

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